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Welcome to parishwalk.com

The 2013 Manx Telecom Parish Walk starts at the National Sports Centre, Douglas at 8 am on Saturday 22 June. You can enter online (entries are not refundable or transferrable) between 1 December and 12 May. You should find everything you need on this site to plan the 85 mile walk (or a part of it) around each of the Isle of Man's 17 parishes.

From coaching advice on the training page, interactive support on the Facebook page or manxathletics.com forum, inspiration from featured walkers, motivation from the bloggers, memories of previous years through the photos, videos and archives it's all here alongside the statistics, rules and information about how the Manx Telecom Parish Walk is organised.

30 years ago I began compiling statistics from the Parish Walk and other local athletics events. manxathletics.com was launched in 2000 and this site in 2001. As its my hobby, I pay the publication costs (proceeds from photo sales go to charity) and they are virtually free of adverts (I do promote the event sponsors). Manx Telecom's sponsorship enables me to publish from around the Parish Walk course for the whole 24 hours in a van provided by the organisers, Manx Harriers. Prior to that, however, I'll be adding to the static information about the Manx Telecom Parish Walk through my own blog, Facebook, Twitter and the features page. Enjoy the site and enjoy the walk.

Murray Lambden (parishwalk.com publisher)

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Entries closed on 12 May - full analysis on the statistics page



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