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The Scottish Widows Parish Walk starts at 8 am on Saturday 23 June 2012

Entries open online here at midnight on 1 December 2011

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All 2011 split times is a part of an independent site designed, edited and funded by Murray Lambden  The event is organised by Manx Harriers and sponsored by Scottish Widows neither of whom are responsible for the content of the site. Some of the race information and results are published here on behalf of the organisers together with independent pictures, statistics and general information compiled by the editor.  The links to the live timing provided by SPORTident and sponsored by Manx Telecom are on a separate computer and not controlled by the editor.  He is, however, grateful to both parties for making the information available to him. Thanks to the Parish Walk committee of Manx Harriers for organising a great event.    Murray's Parish Walk Blog


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