The 2008 Clerical Medical Parish Walk

121 finishers - 41 first time & 34 personal best times








Jock Waddington takes surprise win in wettest ever Clerical Medical Parish Walk while Sue Biggart is the raining champion


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The statistical project started in around 1982 when I arranged a list of finishers into a ranking list.  It was typed into a manual typewriter and had to be retyped each year - luckily the list was a bit shorter in those days. The first computer came in 1987 and then a few years later I researched all of the names who did not reach the finish from a mixture of results sheets and newspapers at the museum. Unfortunately I was never able to track down the distances and times of the non-finishers prior to 1974. I continued to add the names and times manually until the late 90s when Manx Harriers kindly started supplying me with a copy of the results in electronic form which I could merge with my database. SPORTident continued to ease the strain of the exercise last year with access to the master computer. Manx Telecom's sponsorship of the timing has enabled me to add to the data with split times for the past two years which will provide a further treasure trove in the years ahead.  Murray Lambden 24/06/08 will be re-launched on 1 December 2008

Thanks for your support - Murray Lambden



Parish Walk YouTube Videos


Bonus film

The start



The rain

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