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This site is specialist part of an entirely unofficial and independent site published by Murray Lambden. If you have not already come directly from the site, click on the links to to find out more about athletics in the Isle of Man.

NEW FOR 2002 - The organisers of Clerical Medical Parish Walk will be using this site to promote the event. Towards the end of March you will be able to download entries forms, rules and course routes.

The site will shortly be redesigned and split between official information, unofficial statistical information and news, recollections and gossip.

I still have a few corrections to make to last yearís databases. Please be patient - I have been working on another little project!

The 2002 Clerical Medical Parish Walk - Saturday 22 June - starts at the National Sports Centre at 10 am.
Entry forms and information:

Invitation to compete

Route  description



Individual entry form

Team entry form

Sponsorship  forms

DAVID GRIFFITHS - A PERSONAL VIEW OF THE CMI PARISH WALK - have a read then post your comments on the forum

DAVID WILKINSON - AN AWARD WINNING ARTICLE FROM 1987 - David describes his walk around the Parish Walk in 1986. All 228 Parish Walk finishers will relate but no one else could describe the experience in such style.

The Parish Walk, sponsored by Clerical Medical, is one of the major sporting events in the Isle of Man. Contestants try to walk around each of the 17 parishes, a total of 85 miles, or as many as their legs will permit. Itís the Manx equivalent of the London Marathon appealing to serious athletes and charity fund raisers alike. Itís usually held on the weekend closest to the longest day in June.

Full 2001 results


Reports from 2001

Sketch reports by Murray Lambden from throughout the walk.

Pictures from the start

Thanks to Stan Hall

More pictures from the start

Thanks again to Stan.

Pictures from the South

Third thanks to Stan.

veteran and womenís winners

Winners to Peel since 1975

Databases of of Parish Walk Finishers

All 451 completed laps by 228 walkers (197 & 31 women) listed in every conceivable order

EVERY STARTER SINCE 1974 6072 entries in this database!

How far do you get? File now split alphabetically so it wonít take so long to open.

Number of starters & number to reach each Church

1974 to 2001

Percentage of starters to reach each Church

1974 to 2001

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